Trump Calls Obama and Hillary Clinton the ‘Founder of ISIS’

Obama the Founder of ISIS

Though it’s sound ridiculous, but Trump is right.
How come ISIS from nowhere has 200,000 army with advanced US weapons so it could defeat 500,000 Iraqi and Syrian soldiers?
It’s because ISIS get traned and armed by the CIA.
CIA has given advanced weapons like Stinger missiles to the Afghanistan Jihadis and now Tow and heavy artilleries to the Syrian Jihadis.

So what Trump said is right. Maybe you find it hard to believe. But if the CIA don’t give the terrorists fund, arms and training, they will be an ordinary terrorists that only bomb a building once in a while like the old time.


Currently CIA has trained and arming thousands of Jihadis in Syria whom they call as “Moderate Rebels”. But then the weapons also fell to ISIS and Al Qaeda Jihadis such as Al Nusra who change the name into Jabhat Fateh al-Sham. There are 350,000 jihadis and they get missiles and heavy artillery from the CIA. These Jihadis are the same group with the terrorists who blown up WTC 9/11, Brussels, Paris, Nice, and Turkey. And they have chemical weapons too. They could bring terror to the world like they did last summer in Syria.


John McCain with Syrian Jihadis

Funding and Arming Islamis Jihadis is common practice for US presidents. They work with Saudi Arabia to do this. We could see the photo of President Ronald Reagan with Afghanistan Jihadis here.


Reagan with Afghanistan Jihadis

It’s not  a nonsense. It’s the truth.

Trump Calls Obama the ‘Founder of ISIS’ Over Anti-Terror Strategy


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