The Wars Created by CIA and Zionist Media

Syrian Boy

Syria was a peaceful country. On March 2011 the CIA and zionist media such as BBC spread lies to make war in Syria. Photo Iraqi’s massacre claimed as Syria’s massacre by BBC.
We know there are many human eater and head chopper Wahhabi Jihadist in Syria that armed and trained by CIA. They bomb and shelling civilians. They take civilians such as this kid as human shield. They shelling Syrian government. When the government counter them with air strikes, the media such as Time come up with this news. Just ask how many kids in Syria that become victims of US airstrikes?
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Is Trump a Russian Agent and Hillary a Zionist Puppet?

Trump job

Some media said that Donald J Trump is a Russian agent.

Donald Trump is too rich to be financed by others. He work on his own. But Hillary need Zionist money. Hillary is zionist puppet. She’s working for the Zionist. That’s why the Zionist Media is attacking Trump because Trump is an independent man.

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Is BBC Twisting the Facts on “Chlorin Gas Attack” in Syria?

bbc false

BBC used to load the false picture of Iraq for Syrian massacre:
BBC News uses ‘Iraq photo to illustrate Syrian massacre’

Now BBC is trying to do the same with Chlorin Gas Attack to accuse the Syrian Government use Gas Chlorine Attack on Hospital.

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Trump Calls Obama and Hillary Clinton the ‘Founder of ISIS’

Obama the Founder of ISIS

Though it’s sound ridiculous, but Trump is right.
How come ISIS from nowhere has 200,000 army with advanced US weapons so it could defeat 500,000 Iraqi and Syrian soldiers?
It’s because ISIS get traned and armed by the CIA.
CIA has given advanced weapons like Stinger missiles to the Afghanistan Jihadis and now Tow and heavy artilleries to the Syrian Jihadis.

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Muhammad Ali’s Quotes


Beside a great fighter in the world, Muhammad Ali also a great speaker. He can talk for hours without making his audience get bored. Some of Muhammad Ali’s sayings also very inspirative.
At first, Muhammad Ali join the Nation of Islam lead by Elijah Muhammad which was very racist. Full of hate with white people. Then in 1975, Ali converted to Sunni Islam, the mainstream of Islam along with Warith Deen Muhammad who take over Nation of Islam after the death of Elijah Muhammad.
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The Belgium Terror Attacks and Saudi Arabia Salafi Wahhabi Connection

Belqium Mosque Terrorists

Actually prophet Muhammad has made prophecies that from Najd (Riyadh) will rise Fitna (wars and terrors) that will destroy Sham (Syria) and Yemen. Both Sham and Yemen are blessed by Allah. It’s mentioned in Shahih Bukhari. If that’s not enough, the Prophet also mention from the Bani Tamim tribe will come out the Khawarij, the follower of Dajjal (Anti-Christ).

Most of the so called Islamist terrorists such as Al Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram, Taliban, Shabab, Osama bin Laden, and suicidal bombers are Wahhabi or Salafi. They are taught they are the right one while others are false. They are taught with hatred. The Salafi Wahabi teach the Takfir Dogma to its follower. They use shallow interpretation of the Quran and Hadith. These are the seeds of violence and terrorism. If not by hand, they spread hates in speeches and writings. 15 of 19 WTC 911 hijackers are Saudi Arabia citizen!

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High Fenced Mina Road So the Hajj Pilgrims Cannot Escape the Stampede and Killed?

Jalan Mina3

High Fenced Mina Road So the Hajj Pilgrims Cannot Escape the Stampede and Killed?

Although the government of Saudi Arabia manage the Harom Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque with magnificent and comfortable, and there is free water facilities, I saw there are some funny things around there.

Among them is the road that leads to Jumroh Mina deliberately high fenced by Saudi Arabia at chest height. So if there is stampede, people on the street will be difficult to escape to the right and left side which is very empty. Finally they were killed in stampede. And the incident of Hajj Stampedes are repeatedly happened. In 2015 there are more than 700 hajj pilgrims killed by Hajj Stampede. In 1990, more than 1400 people died of the stampede. This is because that road is fenced very high by the Saudi government so that they can not escape and died.

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Putin: Will World War 3 Happen Now?

World War 3

Turkey and Saudi Arabia with the help of US and NATO have created Syrian Rebels on 2011 that destroyed Syria. A country where Russia has a military base. In 2013, some of the rebels become ISIS that conquer half of Iraq and Syria’s territory. As a friend of Syria, Russia is helping the Syria to fight the rebels where thousands of them are imported from Saudi Arabia, Libya, Tunisia, Qatar, even Indonesia through the Wahhabi Jihadi Movement and the Muslim Brotherhood program.

If Russia has not Tsar Bomba nuclears that could create a 10 km nuclear fireballs and hundreds of Satan Missiles that could reach 16,000 km away (Russia-US distance is only 7000 km) with the speed of 28,000 kmh (it means it could reach US in 15 minutes and Turkey in 1 minute), you could call Russia is bluffing. But each Satan missile could send 10 nuclear war heads into 10 different places, could you call Russia is just bluffing? Not using its real power in a real war?

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Why ISIS Fail in Indonesia?


ISIS Fail3

The latest ISIS attack on Indonesia on January 14th, 2016 just show us ISIS’ limitation. Not the power of ISIS. The decay of ISIS. The Indonesian people are not afraid of ISIS. Instead they hunt down ISIS’ follower and rejecting the bodies of the terrorists to be buried in their home town.

Comparing to other countries such as Tunisia which send 5,000 fighters, Indonesia only send 308 fighters. It’s very small even compared to United Kingdom that send 700 fighters. with 220,000,000 muslims compared to UK that has only 3,500,000 muslims, the number of Indonesian fighters is very small. Only 1.4 of 1 million people go for war, while UK scores 200, Germany 155, and France 253.

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Dear Terrorists, You Cannot Terrorize Jakarta!


Dear Terrorists, You Cannot Terrorize Jakarta!

Only in Indonesia! While the polices are hiding behind the cars to avoid bullets from the terrorists, the people are watching the shooting as it was a movie shooting. It’s a real live action movie! If the policemen did not prevent them, they will go closer and closer!

The series of 6 blasts of 5 hand grenades and a bomb and also gun fires with some terrorists happened on January 14th in Jakarta at Sarinah Mall at Thamrin street. One cop and 2 civilians (one is Canadian) are dead while 5 terrorists are dead and 2 are taken alive. There are 20 people wounded.

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