Photos of Syria Before and After Civil War March 2011

syria destroyed

There are Photos of Syria Before and After Civil War March 2011. Before the Civil War Syria was a peaceful country. A home for 500,000 refugees from Palestina, Iraq, etc. These photos speak the truth.

But after the Zionist funding and arming the rebels where thousands of them are imported from all around the world including Chechnya, Afghanistan, France, Britain, US, etc, Syria is destroyed. 300,000 people (soldiers, rebels, and civilians) are died. 11 million people loose their home. Thanks to Barack Obama, British PM, King Abdullah, and Erdogan that supporting the rebels to destroy Syria.

syria destroyed2

Buildings in Syria

syria destroyed3

Market in Syria

syria destroyed4

A Syrian boy is caught for selling tissue in a Turkey restaurant. Syria was a prosperous country.

syria destroyed5

A Mosque in Syria. Before and after the civil war.

syria destroyed6


syria destroyed7


If you could read statistics and chart, you will know the truth.




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  • […] 1) Syria – Before & After – In the Spring of 2011, seemingly as part of the “Arab Spring” political uprisings, civil war erupted in Syria. News cycles are not predictable. Sometimes the greatest suffering in the world is overshadowed by a celebrity divorce or the debut of the latest version electronic device. What has happened in Syria over the last 5 years should continue to haunt us and drive us to act on behalf of these war-weary, displaced people. A riveting one-minute video reminds us of the destruction – this, of Homs, Syria – destruction via drone coverage.Photo Credit: Global Info News […]

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