The Wars Created by CIA and Zionist Media

Syrian Boy

Syria was a peaceful country. On March 2011 the CIA and zionist media such as BBC spread lies to make war in Syria. Photo Iraqi’s massacre claimed as Syria’s massacre by BBC.
We know there are many human eater and head chopper Wahhabi Jihadist in Syria that armed and trained by CIA. They bomb and shelling civilians. They take civilians such as this kid as human shield. They shelling Syrian government. When the government counter them with air strikes, the media such as Time come up with this news. Just ask how many kids in Syria that become victims of US airstrikes?
How many kids that become victims of the CIA backed terrorists suicidal bombers? How many?
You’ve done enough to make war in Syria!

The Zionists has toppled down the leaders who refuse to bow for the Zionists. They removed Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, and now Assad in process. They use the mercenaries terrorists to do the dirty job.

The Syrian war started in 2011 when Uprisings turned into violence. And how surprisingly their number become more than 300,000 if we count ISIS and they have US advanced missiles such as stinger and TOW and get training from the CIA.


It’s all has been planed along with Libya. US senator, John McCain has met the rebels to help them with fund, arm, and training


These are the Wahhabi Jihadis that will rule Syria. Eating human heart, chopping people’s head, or killing defenseless children are easy for them. They also bomb Paris, Nice, Brussels, Turkey, etc

Salah aliran

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