Is Trump a Russian Agent and Hillary a Zionist Puppet?

Trump job

Some media said that Donald J Trump is a Russian agent.

Donald Trump is too rich to be financed by others. He work on his own. But Hillary need Zionist money. Hillary is zionist puppet. She’s working for the Zionist. That’s why the Zionist Media is attacking Trump because Trump is an independent man.

Communicating with Putin is good for a World Peace. Unless you prefer World War 3? A war than no one win.

Trump’s father is not a world billionaire. No idiot can be a world billionaire for so long until old. He will be bankrupt at least at the age of 40 if he is an idiot.
If Trump can manage his many companies, I believe he can manage USA.
What Hillary can do beside funding and arming the Al Qaeda linked terrorists in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, and Syria? None!
What can she do for USA? Just spend the money for war in the ME and against Russia, Iran, and maybe China. Maybe we could get World War 3 if we’re lucky enough.
Hillary need Zionist money. She works for the Zionists. Not for USA people.
In her website, Hillary Clinton said she will create millions of job for the USA people while Donald J Trump only make people losing their job. Is it correct?
This is from CNN Money:
CNNMoney:  at least 34,000 jobs attributable to the Donald.
PrivCo: the Trump Organization has 22,450 employees and brought in $9.5 billion in annual revenue last year.
There are likely other jobs that might not exist without Trump. Economists call this the “multiplier effect.”
And what job that Hillary Clinton create for the people of USA? Until now: None. Unless you count 500,000 jihadists in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and Iraq that paid US$ 250-400/month for selling their live through CIA.
How many job do you think Hillary Clinton will create while she want to spend money for war against Iran and Russia and ruining many countries in ME? USA will have not enough money and cannot sell their products to foreign countries because Clinton is destroying the countries.
Clinton Job

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