The Wars Created by CIA and Zionist Media

Syria was a peaceful country. On March 2011 the CIA and zionist media such as BBC spread lies to make war in Syria. Photo Iraqi’s massacre claimed as Syria’s massacre by BBC. We know there are many human eater and head chopper Wahhabi Jihadist in Syria that armed and trained […]

Is Trump a Russian Agent and Hillary a Zionist Puppet?

Some media said that Donald J Trump is a Russian agent.

Donald Trump is too rich to be financed by others. He work on his own. But Hillary need Zionist money. Hillary is zionist puppet. She’s working for the Zionist. That’s why the Zionist Media is attacking Trump […]

Is BBC Twisting the Facts on “Chlorin Gas Attack” in Syria?

BBC used to load the false picture of Iraq for Syrian massacre: BBC News uses ‘Iraq photo to illustrate Syrian massacre’

Now BBC is trying to do the same with Chlorin Gas Attack to accuse the Syrian Government use Gas Chlorine Attack on Hospital.

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Trump Calls Obama and Hillary Clinton the ‘Founder of ISIS’

Though it’s sound ridiculous, but Trump is right. How come ISIS from nowhere has 200,000 army with advanced US weapons so it could defeat 500,000 Iraqi and Syrian soldiers? It’s because ISIS get traned and armed by the CIA. CIA has given advanced weapons like Stinger missiles to the Afghanistan […]

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