The Belgium Terror Attacks and Saudi Arabia Salafi Wahhabi Connection

Belqium Mosque Terrorists

Actually prophet Muhammad has made prophecies that from Najd (Riyadh) will rise Fitna (wars and terrors) that will destroy Sham (Syria) and Yemen. Both Sham and Yemen are blessed by Allah. It’s mentioned in Shahih Bukhari. If that’s not enough, the Prophet also mention from the Bani Tamim tribe will come out the Khawarij, the follower of Dajjal (Anti-Christ).

Most of the so called Islamist terrorists such as Al Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram, Taliban, Shabab, Osama bin Laden, and suicidal bombers are Wahhabi or Salafi. They are taught they are the right one while others are false. They are taught with hatred. The Salafi Wahabi teach the Takfir Dogma to its follower. They use shallow interpretation of the Quran and Hadith. These are the seeds of violence and terrorism. If not by hand, they spread hates in speeches and writings. 15 of 19 WTC 911 hijackers are Saudi Arabia citizen!

I suggest Europe work together with moderate Muslims such as NU (Nahdlatul Ulama) in Indonesia or Al Azhar in Egypt to manage the mosques in Europe. If it runs by the Salafi of Saudi Arabia, it will produce terrorists.

The Saudi origins of Belgium’s Islamist threat

The roots of Islamist extremism in Belgium are deep and complex. In the wake of Tuesday’s attacks in Brussels, investigators are puzzling over the scope of the terrorist plot, in which bombs exploded in the capital’s main airport and on its busy metro, killing at least 31 people and injuring at least 270.

The Belgium had a greater share of its population join radical groups fighting in Syria than any other country in Europe; a Muslim-majority neighborhood in Brussels appears to be at the heart of terrorist plots, including the Islamic State’s November assault on Paris.

Observers say the Salafist dogma of the Saudi-funded clerics active in many mosques in Belgium stood in contrast to the traditional beliefs of the mostly working-class Moroccan and Turkish immigrants who first arrived in the country in the 1960s and 1970s.

“The Moroccan community come from the Maliki school of Islam, and are a lot more tolerant and open than the Muslims from other regions like Saudi Arabia,” George Dallemagne, a Belgian politician, told the Independent last year. “However, many of them were re-Islamified by the Salafist clerics and teachers from the Great Mosque. Some Moroccans were even given scholarships to study in Medina, in Saudi Arabia.”

Brussels attacks: How Saudi Arabia’s influence and a deal to get oil contracts sowed seeds of radicalism in Belgium

Radical Salafist teachings came from a very different tradition to the Islam of the city’s North African immigrants
Although the mosque was treated as the official voice of Muslims in Belgium, its radical Salafist teachings came from a very different tradition to the Islam of the new immigrants.
In August, a WikiLeaks cable revealed that a staff member of the Saudi embassy in Belgium was expelled years ago over his active role in spreading the extreme so-called Takfiri dogma.

Brussels’ Great Mosque and ties with Salafism

Brussels’ largest mosque is bankrolled by Saudi Arabia, a Salafist regime. Mosque leaders have dissociated themselves from terrorism – but are not revealing everything. Barbara Wesel reports from Brussels.

For years, the official representative body of Belgian mosques, the Muslim Executive in Belgium, has felt that it has been forced to go on the offensive because of the Great Mosque of Brussels. The council intends to reorganize itself by the end of the year in order to counter the Saudi Arabia-controlled mosque. Moroccan Imams on the council claim that Salafists have also gained too much influence with the government in Rabat as well.

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