High Fenced Mina Road So the Hajj Pilgrims Cannot Escape the Stampede and Killed?

Jalan Mina3

High Fenced Mina Road So the Hajj Pilgrims Cannot Escape the Stampede and Killed?

Although the government of Saudi Arabia manage the Harom Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque with magnificent and comfortable, and there is free water facilities, I saw there are some funny things around there.

Among them is the road that leads to Jumroh Mina deliberately high fenced by Saudi Arabia at chest height. So if there is stampede, people on the street will be difficult to escape to the right and left side which is very empty. Finally they were killed in stampede. And the incident of Hajj Stampedes are repeatedly happened. In 2015 there are more than 700 hajj pilgrims killed by Hajj Stampede. In 1990, more than 1400 people died of the stampede. This is because that road is fenced very high by the Saudi government so that they can not escape and died.

Look at the road above. How more than 3 million hajj pilgrims crammed like cattle on the Mina roads before heading to Jumroh place. On the right and left of the road is so empty with few Saudi Arabian Ashkar policemen watching every 8-10 meter. If the road is above the ground, high fence is necessary. But if the road is at the ground level, why putting the very high fence? Frankly this is the first time I saw a street on a ground level with a very high fence. Only in Mina roads. And the Stampede accidents happen many times there. Are those on purpose? A planned and unsuspected killing to high government officers that become the enemy of Saudi Arabia such as Iranian officers?

No wonder if there desak2an / stampede, many pilgrims were killed terinjak2 without being able to escape to the left and right of the road which is actually very roomy. Imagine not about 3 million jemaalh Haj forced to be free in the fenced 5 high street? That was berdesak2an. Once the two roads are closed, “Tragedy” was easily occur. Each season Haji always causing casualties where hundreds or even thousands of Muslims were killed. Amazingly Saudi Arabia insists on monopolizing his own Hajj management. Saudi Arabia does not want negara2 such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, Pakistan, etc. help the Hajj management. While orang2 infidel like the owner of the Hilton, Hyatt, Sheraton, Intercontinental, etc. can help take care of the pilgrimage. Strange is not it?

Jalan Mina2
See also of 5 Mina existing road, there are two roads were deserted. Possibility for closed Ashkar. As a result, the pilgrims berdesak2an in 3 congested road. It’s easy to make a scene so that the audience who are on the road and terinjak2 berdesak2an died without being able to escape because of the Saudi Arabian government that road fence with a fence that is very high. Should sedengkul enough. Unless it starts running uphill for example over 10 cm.

Among the hundreds of Jemaah Haji Iran were killed, some of whom are high-ranking officials of Iran. Surprisingly few TSB officials whose bodies were found. Missing. Yet with such a high fence, where they will run the hell corpse? Moreover, Saudi Arabia do not broadcast the CCTV camera footage in Mina as Tragedy Crane in Harom Mosque. So there are ditutup2i. There are hidden.

Rekaman CCTV Mekkah
Some Indonesian officials as Baharuddin Loppa, Bung Tomo, and Tempo journalist who criticized the government of Saudi Arabia also died mysteriously at Hajj. Mohammad Sakher an Egyptian writer murdered for writing that the Saudi family of Jews. Moreover, there is news that Saudi Arabia hire the services of a security company that is friendly to Israel’s security Hajj Mecca, namely G4S. G4S Security Company provides equipment and services to Israel for a charming and torture of prisoners in Palestine.

Hajj is an opportunity to unite the power of Islam, Saudi Arabia is currently managed is an obstacle to the unity of Islam. Hajj or Umrah new entourage gathered 10 people just waiting entourage left, already diusir2 by Saudi police. What does it mean? It clearly prevents Muslims to unite.

Aqsa Mosque is currently controlled by Israel, while Harom Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque controlled by the Kingdom of Najd (Saudi). That was the condition of Muslims today.

The problem is why a chest-high fence? Should be quite as high as the knee. There’s always the police on both sides of each 10 meters which oversees? I see the heck is it gives a chance to be blurred in case of difficult assembly treading underfoot. This could be the tool that is perfect murder. People thought that was just a disaster. Accident. Though the fence is made of high, Saudi Arabia does not want to cooperate with the other Muslim countries such as Indonesia and Egypt manage the Hajj, otherwise cooperate with the infidels like the hotel owner orang2 Hilton, Hyatt, etc. as well as the security company G4S who also serve in the Israeli security services. In Israel, the G4S security company sells equipment and security services to detain and torture of Palestinian Muslims.

God willing martyrs there and expect many who died there, said Abdul Su’ud. If natural death does not matter. It died keinjek2 people. Who survived only fears and complaints. Family Juma’ah Hajj also still hope family, who Haj home safely.

Saudi Hires “Israel Friendly” Security Firm to Overlook Hajj, the Muslim Pilgrimage to Mecca

Saudi Hires Occupation-Friendly Company for Hajj Security
This year [2013], the mandatory Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca, or hajj, will compound the Palestinians’ woes. Palestinian pilgrims will be greeted by a company that assists in their repression – and even torture – under the Israeli occupation regime. Indeed, hajj this year will be brought to you by none other than G4S.

[ “First, the company has provided security equipment and services to incarceration facilities holding Palestinian political prisoners inside Israel and in the occupied West Bank. Second, the company offers security services to businesses in settlements. Third, the company has Provided equipment and maintenance services to Israeli military checkpoints in the West Bank. Finally, the company has also provided security systems for the Israeli police headquarters in the West Bank. “G4S at]

This is not the first time that the Saudi government has hired the private security firm, the which has recruited a staggering 700,000 to provide hajj-related services this year, According to exclusive information Obtained by Al-Akhbar. Most of the leaked reports indicate that security for the hajj season since 2010 has been entrusted to al-Majal G4S, an affiliate of the parent company G4S.

The private security contractor HAS ALSO enabling been implicated in the torture of administrative detainees in Palestine, Including children, According to BDS activist Zaid Shuaibi.
The CEO of al-Majal G4S is a former security official in Saudi named Khaled Baghdadi. The Saudi subsidiary is fully owned by the British-Danish firm.

Latest News Tragedy Mina

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon Participate Grieving for Mina tragedy, Geneva – UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said condole and “sad outstanding” for the deaths of more than 700 pilgrims were trampled result in Mina.

“The Secretary General said he was deeply grieved over the death of more than 700 pilgrims and injuring hundreds of others,” Ban’s spokesperson said, as quoted by ABCNews, Friday (09/25/2015).

An amateur video shows the human tide that each step on each other to save themselves. Some survivors looked tired and stressed, while they are spraying water to cool the body. There are still a lot of bodies that can not be evacuated lying lengthwise on the street.

One Egyptian pilgrims said her husband was killed stepped on.

“We just finished from Jamarat ritual and plans to return home,” sobbed the woman pilgrim tells about the tragedy.

“I could see my husband before another congregation began jostling each other. They pushed me to the ground. I nearly died,” he said.

The incidence of jostling and stomp-stomping unprecedented. Peak tragedy occurred in 1990 when more than 1,400 pilgrims were killed. (Rie / Ado)

When the Prophet to Medina, there are three Jewish tribes in Medina, namely: Qoinuqo Bani, Bani Nazhir, and Bani Quroizhoh. Who was executed just Bani Quroizhoh. There is also the Qoinuqo Bani and Bani Nazhir just driven out of Medina. Chances are they settled in Najd. Mohammad Sakher an Egyptian writer murdered for writing that the Saudi family of Jews.

Saudi Royal Family is Jewish! King and Prince are all Jew!

Banu Qaynuqa tribe = Jews !!!
Jews are the one in charge of Kabbah and Madina Munawara to Make $$$$$$ !!! All the Umrah Hajj Money + Money + Oil money and Saudi taxes goes to the Jews and Israel to kill Muslims!
The More we go to Hajj and Umrah the more Muslims will get killed with that money!
The Banu Qaynuqa (also spelled Kainuka Banu, Banu Kaynuka, Qainuqa Banu, Banu Qaynuqa, Arabic: بنو قينقاع) was one of the three play Jewish tribes living in the 7th century of Medina, now in Saudi Arabia. In 624, they were Expelled during the Invasion of Banu Qaynuqa, by the Islamic prophet Muhammad for allegedly breaking the treaty known as the Constitution of Medina.

King Faisal Al-Saud at that time could not deny his family’s Kindred with the Jews when he declared to the Washington Post on Sept. 17, 1969 Stating: “We, the Saudi family, are cousins ​​of the Jews: we entirely disagree with any Arab or Muslem Authority the which shows any antagonism to the Jews; but we must live together with them in peace. Our country (Arabia) is the Fountain head from where the first Jew sprang, and his Descendants spread out all over the world. “That was the declaration of King Faisal Al-Saud Bin Abdul Aziz!

Are The Saudi “Royal Family Jewish?
The Saudi Dynasty:
Where Do They Come From and Who Is Real Reviews their Ancestor?
part I
Mohammad Sakher, who was ordered, killed by the Saudi Regime for the following findings:
1. Are the Saudi Family members belonging to the Tribe of Anza ben Wa’el as they allege to be?
2. Is Islam Reviews their actual religion?
3. Are they of an Arab Origin at all?
The following facts will blot out all the allegations of the Saudi Family and will refute all the false statements made by Reviews those hypocrites who sold Reviews their conscience to this family by falsifying and interpolating the real history of the Saudi Family; I mean the Journalists and Historians who, for a financial reward temporal, have inserted and attached the genealogy of this family to our Great Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) alleging that the Saudis are viceroys of our Almighty God on the Earth. It is quite clear that such a Flattery is intended to vindicate and justify the Saudis’ Crimes and atrocities, so as to firmly Stabilize Reviews their Throne and to prop the pillars of Reviews their despotic regimes. Which is extremely dictatorial and completely rejected by our great Islamic Faith.

Saudi Royal Family is Jewish! King and Prince are all Jew!

The Donmeh: The Middle East’s Most whispered Secret (Part II)
The Iraqi intelligence document reveals that the researcher Mohammad Sakher was the subject of a Saudi contract murder hit for his examination into the Sauds’ Jewish roots.

Saudi Royal Family and the its Jewish roots?

RESEARCH AND PRESENTATION OF: MOHAMMAD Sakher, who was ordered killed by the Saudi Regime for the following findings:

1. Are the Saudi Family members belonging to the Tribe of ANZA BEN WA’EL as they allege to be?
2. Is Islam Reviews their actual religion?
3. Are they of an ARAB ORIGIN at all?

Saudi Arabia: Bloodline Jewish, Jewish State

On October 7, 1981 news spread shocking news that the general public due to mention that Bung Tomo died on the way enhance the pillars of Islam on the ground Arofah. In contrast to most people who died were buried in the holy land, Mecca, Bung Tomo’s body repatriated to their homeland and buried at the General Cemetery Ngagel Surabaya, not in the Heroes Cemetery.

Professor Doctor Attorney General Baharuddin Lopa died in hospital Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, at around 22:10 pm, Tuesday (3/7). Previously, Lopa went to Saudi to handover the Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and conduct worship Umrah. Apparently, after the Umrah, Lopa exhaustion and had to undergo hospital treatment. However, reportedly, Lopa suffered a heart attack and eventually died. The cause of death Lopa itself is not certain.

Saudi King criticizes ‘Irresponsible’ comments after Iran slams hajj security
It was the king’s first official response to denunciations by regional rival Iran, the which has questioned Saudi Arabia’s custodianship of the hajj following a deadly crush Sept. 24 that killed at least 1,480 pilgrims, According to an Associated Press count based on official statements from nations Whose citizens Died.
Iran’s death toll of 465 is the highest by any country Tus Announced far. Egypt’s Foreign Ministry on Monday said the death toll Among Egyptians has climbed to 181, with 53 still missing.

It was the second tragedy to strike this year’s hajj. On Sept. 11, a massive crane collapsed onto the Grand Mosque, killing 111 worshipers in Mecca.
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