Putin: Will World War 3 Happen Now?

World War 3

Turkey and Saudi Arabia with the help of US and NATO have created Syrian Rebels on 2011 that destroyed Syria. A country where Russia has a military base. In 2013, some of the rebels become ISIS that conquer half of Iraq and Syria’s territory. As a friend of Syria, Russia is helping the Syria to fight the rebels where thousands of them are imported from Saudi Arabia, Libya, Tunisia, Qatar, even Indonesia through the Wahhabi Jihadi Movement and the Muslim Brotherhood program.

If Russia has not Tsar Bomba nuclears that could create a 10 km nuclear fireballs and hundreds of Satan Missiles that could reach 16,000 km away (Russia-US distance is only 7000 km) with the speed of 28,000 kmh (it means it could reach US in 15 minutes and Turkey in 1 minute), you could call Russia is bluffing. But each Satan missile could send 10 nuclear war heads into 10 different places, could you call Russia is just bluffing? Not using its real power in a real war?

Of course if USA is doesn’t interfere with the Syrian War that waged by the Turkey and Saudi Arabia, Russia will not fight against USA. Russia will fight Turkey and Saudi Arabia only if those two countries are attacking the Syria, a country where Russia has a military base.


Satan Missiles could hit Turkey and Saudi Arabia in less than 5 minutes

If Turkey and Saudi attack the Syria with full powers, Putin will not hesitate using his nuclear bombs to destroy Riyadh and Ankara in less than 5 minutes. We will have new Hiroshimas… đŸ™‚


These buildings are good nuclear targets if WW3 happened

If US and NATO interfere, this could be a real World War 3. Maybe the Armageddon War. The Final War!

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