Why ISIS Fail in Indonesia?


ISIS Fail3

The latest ISIS attack on Indonesia on January 14th, 2016 just show us ISIS’ limitation. Not the power of ISIS. The decay of ISIS. The Indonesian people are not afraid of ISIS. Instead they hunt down ISIS’ follower and rejecting the bodies of the terrorists to be buried in their home town.

Comparing to other countries such as Tunisia which send 5,000 fighters, Indonesia only send 308 fighters. It’s very small even compared to United Kingdom that send 700 fighters. with 220,000,000 muslims compared to UK that has only 3,500,000 muslims, the number of Indonesian fighters is very small. Only 1.4 of 1 million people go for war, while UK scores 200, Germany 155, and France 253.

Is it because Indonesian muslims are too poor? Not really. Indonesia before the Hajj quota applied sent 500,000 Hajj pilgrimages. It’s the biggest Hajj pilgrimages in the world.

It’s because the majority Muslims in Indonesia practices moderate Islamic Teaching taught by Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) which follow Shafii Madzhab. Muhammadiyah, the second largest Muslim organization though previously influenced by Wahhabism but after 100 years of teaching since 1912 becoming more moderate and reject violence and terrorism.

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The number of fighters are very high in the middle east, Europe, and US because most Muslims there embraced Wahhabism. They learn Islam from Mosques and Islamic Center funded by Saudi Arabia. The Wahhabism teach their follower they are the right ones while others are misguided or infidel. Even Muslims such as Nahdlatul Ulama Muslim or Shufi they considered as misguided or mushrik (polytheist). Most of them regard Shia as not Muslims. Infidels. Sometimes they attack the misguided or infidel people not only with words or writings, but also bombs.

In Indonesia, many people are aware of the Wahhabi’s danger. Even the leader of NU, KH Said Aqil Siradj often giving a sermon how the Wahhabi is only a step away from terrorism.

With 500,000 policemen and 500,000 soldiers, Indonesia could gather 2-3 million militias to fight ISIS and other terrorists. The total is 4 million fighters. That’s enough number to beat up the terrorists. Indonesia has fight the China, the Portugal, the Dutch, Japan, and British invaders. So fighting ISIS is just another ordinary fight.


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