Dear Terrorists, You Cannot Terrorize Jakarta!


Dear Terrorists, You Cannot Terrorize Jakarta!

Only in Indonesia! While the polices are hiding behind the cars to avoid bullets from the terrorists, the people are watching the shooting as it was a movie shooting. It’s a real live action movie! If the policemen did not prevent them, they will go closer and closer!

The series of 6 blasts of 5 hand grenades and a bomb and also gun fires with some terrorists happened on January 14th in Jakarta at Sarinah Mall at Thamrin street. One cop and 2 civilians (one is Canadian) are dead while 5 terrorists are dead and 2 are taken alive. There are 20 people wounded.

Terrorists 2

Look how close the Indonesian people with the terrorist who holding a gun pointed at the policemen.

Terrorists selfie

People taking selfies at the scene.

Street Vendor

The street vendor was trying to sell coffee and cigarettes to the people around the scene.


This satay vendor is only 100 meter away from the scene when 6 explosions and gun fires happen, but he kept grilling his satay. The terrorists can do the terror, but I have to find money to feed my family, he said.

Selfie Terrorist

This woman is taking a selfie in front of the terrorists (wearing blue jeans). Only in Indonesia!


Jakarta bombing: Blasts in Indonesian capital
Tito Karnavian, the head of Jakarta police, said 15 civilians had been injured, some seriously, while five police officers were wounded.

He said six explosive devices including five hand grenades and a bomb the size of a biscuit tin had been used in the attacks


Jakarta attacks: Indonesian police regain control after seven killed in capital – live

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