The Real Axis of Evils are: Israel+US+UK

ISIS Sponsors

US, Israel, NATO, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Qatar are the sponsors of Terrorism… They are the real Axis of Evils…  The Zionists.

They invaded many countries, killing millions people, take world natural resources, create wars and puppets. They control the media to fool people they are the good guys while others are evils…

They destroy Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, etc.

This is why there are millions Syrian refugees now…


This is because of Assad.
If Syria run by ISIS Al Qaeda, Al Nusra or moderate man eater cannibal terrorists such as Abu Sakkar from FSA that supported by Obama and Cameron, this thing will not happen
Syrian Republic added 4 new photos.
Yesterday at 3:27am ·
Christmas in Ma’loula, one of the oldest christian villages, in Syria. Here they still speak the language of Jesus: Aramaic

Christmas Maloula

Press TV
A US researcher and social activist has criticized the United States for spending trillions of dollars on wars, destroying countries but failing to resolve the homelessness crisis that hits America’s most vulnerable citizens.

ISIS Sponsors2


[Who Supports The Islamic State (ISIS)? Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, Israel, UK, France, USA | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization] is good,have a look at it!

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