US That Kill Millions People Complain Russia for Killing 100s

I am quite surprised US government complaining Russia for killing 100s people in Syria since US has killed millions of people in Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, etc. In Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing, at least US killed 100,000s civillians.

Obama makes me laugh… 🙂


The Real Axis of Evils are: Israel+US+UK

US, Israel, NATO, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Qatar are the sponsors of Terrorism… They are the real Axis of Evils… The Zionists.

They invaded many countries, killing millions people, take world natural resources, create wars and puppets. They control the media to fool people they are the good […]

US Air Force or ISIS Air Force?

That’s why in 13 months of US Air Force attack in Iraq and Syria, ISIS is getting bigger and bigger. US Air Force are attacking Iraq and Syria soldiers and dropping weapons for ISIS and “Moderate” Terrorists. Russia 2 months of bombing is the real attack to ISIS and “Moderate” […]

Is Saudi Responsible for ISIS?

I choose Professor Bernard Haykel’s analysis. The others are biased because they are Wahhabists. Wahhabism teach their followers that they are the right ones while others are false. This give them motives to justify the hate and the killing to other Muslims or infidels.

If Saudi put many […]

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