Kids and Goats Before Idul Adha


Before Idul Adha, many people in Jakarta (and also other places) are selling goats and even cows on the street for Qurban. After Idul Adha prayer, the goat and cows’ meat are shared for the donors and other people, especially the Poor so they could eat meat together. Meat are very expensive and almost un-buy-able for the poor people especially in Indonesia. After that, people will make satay, barbeque, and soups from the meat

Children are very happy to see the goats. They give the goats leaves to eat. It’s an entertainment for the children. After run out of leaves, Yusuf (4 years old) is running to get more leaves for the goats.


There are many queues to get the meat. Sometimes there are some people die or hurt because of stampede. Some people are cheating by getting the meat more than once in the same places.

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