Is It True Saudi Arabia Receiving 2.5 Million Syrian Refugees?

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Is It True Saudi Arabia Receiving 2.5 Million Syrian Refugees?

There are 4 million Syrian Refugee in foreign countries. Turkey accept 1.9 million, Lebanon 1.1 million, Jordan 0.6 million, Iraq 0.2 million, and Egypt 0.1 million. Those 5 countries received 3.9 million refugee. The rest 0.1 million go to Europe.

How come Saudi Arabia accept 2.5 million refugee while Saudi rejecting the Syrians and Yemenis for Hajj Pilgrimage?


20,000 Syrians are banned from doing Hajj pilgrimage that last for 1 month, but 2,500,000 Syrians are allowed to work for a life time in Saudi Arabia? Does it make sense to you?

This is the announcement from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

The official source explained that the following actions have been taken by the Kingdom:

1.The Kingdom has received around 2.5 million Syrians since the beginning of the conflict. In order to ensure their dignity and safety, the Kingdom adopted a policy that does not treat them as refugees or place them in refugee camps. They have been given the freedom to move about the country and those who wish to remain in Saudi Arabia (some hundreds of thousands) have been given legal residency status like the remaining residents. ‌ Their residency comes with the rights to receive free medical care, to join the labor market and to attend schools and universities. This was contained in a royal decree in 2012 that instructed public schools to accept Syrian students. According to government statistics, the public school system has accepted more than 100,000 Syrian students.

If countries that have borders directly with Syria have less than 2 million refugees, how come Saudi Arabia has 2.5 million Syrian Refugees? By riding a camel?

If Saudi’s claim is true, then Saudi is defeating Turkey as the number one country that receive Syrian Refugees…

Saudi official: We received 2.5 mln Syrians

Unofficial estimates said there are 300,000 Syrian refugees in Saudi Arabia, 150,000 in the UAE and 120,000 in Kuwait.

More than 4 million Syrian refugees have fled their war-torn country, but the six wealthy Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries have officially resettled none of them.

Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have instead allowed the refugee burden to fall mainly on Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan and, to a lesser degree, on Iraq and Egypt.

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