Kids and Goats Before Idul Adha

Before Idul Adha, many people in Jakarta (and also other places) are selling goats and even cows on the street for Qurban. After Idul Adha prayer, the goat and cows’ meat are shared for the donors and other people, especially the Poor so they could eat meat together. Meat are […]

How to Make a Website with Own Domain

Website is useful to show our existence on the Virtual World. The Internet. We could show people who we are, our thoughts, our products, etc. It’s good if you have business, a politician, a preacher, and many other.

Making a website is quite easy usually. But if it’s […]

How to Use WhatsApp in Your Laptop or Personal Computer


You will find QR Code there. Then open your WhatsApp in your HP (the newest version) and connect to the internet. Then open WhatsApp Web. In Lenovo P780 Android v4.4.2, click the left button at the bottom. After that, capture the QR Code then click OK


How to Edit Autoexec.NT and Config.NT in Windows 7

Sometimes you need programs such as Foxpro DOS runs in your Windows 7. But when you try to edit files such as autoexec.nt and config.nt, you fail. “Access is denied”. The message shows up. Well, the solution is as follow: 1. Open Windows Explorer 2. Go to Computer and then Local Disk […]

The Best Laptop 2015

How do we know the best laptop in 2015? Actually the best laptop is one that suits our need. At least it could last for more than 8 years, fast, and hardly broken. The price also should be reasonable and affordable. Some people prefer laptop with 14 inches monitor or bigger. While […]

Personal Electric Scooter and Segways

These are the transportation of future. Especially for personal.

The China Electric chariot scooter has speed 20 km/hour and range 35 km. It could climb 30 degree and max load 200 kg. Motor Power 2000-4000 watt. The price around US$ 1500.


How to Make Blog or Website for Free?

The easiest and convenience way to make blogs or websites for free is by using or These 2 blog providers have been giving many blogs for years for free. While many others had to stop because of lack of fund.

You could also earn money from […]

Grow Your Own Rice and Fish!

Grow Your Own Rice and Fish! Grow your own food. So no matter the world economic crisis is, you still can eat rice and fish. You are survived! These are the photos of Paddy Field in Ngemplak district, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


The Basics of Algebra (Math)

There are some basics in Algebra (Math) that you should know. Especially related with equation, constants, and variables. These are some of them.

a + 4 = 16

a = 16 – 4

a = 12

Why a + 4 = 16 become a = 16 – 4 ?


Is It True Saudi Arabia Receiving 2.5 Million Syrian Refugees?

Is It True Saudi Arabia Receiving 2.5 Million Syrian Refugees?

There are 4 million Syrian Refugee in foreign countries. Turkey accept 1.9 million, Lebanon 1.1 million, Jordan 0.6 million, Iraq 0.2 million, and Egypt 0.1 million. Those 5 countries received 3.9 million refugee. The rest 0.1 million go to Europe.

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