How to Get Taller


If your age is below 18 for boys and below 13 for girls you could become taller than now as long you are still growing.

People become tall because of many factors. If you are from the tall people tribe such as the Tutsi in Sudan or the Dutch and your parent are tall, then you could become tall too. But if you are from Pigmy tribe, there is 99% of possibility that you will become short.

Beside of the genetic factor, you could eat good nutrition such as meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, and milk to become taller. Eating KFC’s fried chicken will make you taller.

You could also drink milk every  morning and every night. Remember how fast the babies are growing. They are just drinking milk. Goat milk is better than cow’s.

 You could also do a 30-60 minutes of jogging from 6.00-7.00 in the morning. Especially when the sun is already shines. Swimming and Basket Ball are also a good exercise.

Don’t take a bath at night because the cold could stop your growing process sooner. Just take a bath in the morning and in the afternoon.

You should sleep at least 8 hours everyday.

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